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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


Aister shipyard was awarded three Civil Guard patrol boats for 7.2 million

Aister will have 35 months to assemble these three vessels and deliver them

Aislamientos Térmicos de Galicia (Aister) shipyard, located in the Pontevedra town of Moaña, has been awarded the construction of three patrol boats for the Civil Guard for a value of 7.2 million euros. As published this Thursday in the State Orderbook Portal, the objective of this tender is the supply of three high-speed patrol boats for the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard, which are included within the classification of rescue boats, surveillance, customs patrol or police patrol.

The estimated value of the contract was initially 7.5 million euros, but it was awarded to the Galician shipyard for 7.2 million, the highest score offer within the application of the previously established criteria. Aister will have 35 months to assemble the three vessels and deliver them to the Civil Guard.

O Morrazo shipyard already knows what means to build boats for the Civil Guard; in fact, at the end of last month, it delivered the HS60 first unit, a pioneer interceptor on a global scale for the Maritime Service of the Armed Institute and its fight against drug trafficking that was sent to strait of Gibraltar. The sea trials carried out then at Vigo’s Bay exceeded all expectations, both in manoeuvrability and in top speed, comfortably exceeding 60 knots (111 kilometres per hour).

This is not the only good news the sector has received lately, since a few weeks ago another shipyard at Vigo's Bay, in this case Armón, was awarded a contract for the construction of an ocean-going vessel also for the Maritime Service of the Civil Guard. In this case, the tender amounted to 34.9 million euros.