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Murueta launches the ‘Katuxa NM’, a new 103.4 meter dual-propulsion carrier

This is the first of the two sister ships commissioned by MAAS, Murueta Atlántico Alcudia Shipping

Astilleros de Murueta, in Erandio, has celebrated the launching of the carrier 'Katuxa NM', which is being built for MAAS shipowner, Murueta Atlántico Alcudia Shipping. The new ship, construction 328 of the shipyard, has a diesel-electric propulsion, novel for this size and type of ship, which will allow it to combine two main electrical generators and a smaller auxiliary. This will allow the boat to use the power it always needs and optimize consumption during all its voyages. This ship is a sister ship to the carrier 'Mundaka NM' that Astilleros Murueta is building for the same owner. The carrier is 103.4 meters long and 15.6 wide; she has qualification for 11 people; and a warehouse capacity of 8050 cubic meters.

The 'Katuxa NM' will become part of the MAAS (Murueta Atlantico Alcudia Shipping) pool based in Bilbao, which has 12 transport vessels for all types of dry cargo, bulk and large projects throughout Europe, North Africa and Black Sea.

Like its twin, both the conception and the design of 'Katuxa NM', has been carried out entirely by the engineering division of Astilleros de Murueta in collaboration with the shipowner.

From Murueta, they emphasize this ship reinforces its commitment to "technologically advanced units with a high component of innovation that seeks energy efficiency and the use of new fuels". Thus, the latest projects of the shipyard have followed this line of high innovation, such as the ship "Oiz Mendi" (2018), the first LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) supply ship in Spain and the "Ibaizabal Quince" (2020), the first port tugboat powered by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) from Spain, and the Bahía de Levante (2022), a zero-emission hybrid oil tanker at the port.

(Source: Industrias Pesqueras)

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