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21st to 23rd of May 2024
21st, 22nd & 23th
MAY 2024


Vulkan, Wiresa and Cascos Naval gather the sector and industry to present alternatives for repair and maintenance on board

The companies summoned around thirty professionals at Astilleros Ría de Vigo facilities.

The strategic allies Wiresa and Vulkan, together with Cascos Naval, have brought together some thirty shipowners, technical offices managers, auxiliary companies, the navy and civil society at the facilities of Astilleros Ría de Vigo – the former Barreras – to introduce new alternatives in maintenance and repair of equipment on board: Wencon repair solutions, exclusively represented by Wiresa, and the detector of moisture particles and particles in oil developed by Om Finland, in the national market since January by Cascos Naval.

Emilio Costoso, director of Wiresa's Propulsion and Area Business Development, highlighted the potential of Wencon's products, present in more than 100,000 ships around the world. Wencon offers a whole range of highly effective products for on-board repairs in exhaust systems, leaks in ballast pipes, coil repair, engine cracks, tanks or propellers, and on any type of surface, whether steel or aluminium. And all with a single formulation. Wencon offers customized kits, adapting to the needs of each owner and ship, which enable temporary repairs on board. In addition, the company offers more complex kits, both for dock and shipyard repairs. Each of these batches includes a user manual and all the necessary elements for its application and with the exact formulation, to expedite and facilitate "fortune" repairs, those taking place at sea. The company also offers 24/7 technical support. The company also offers formulations for underwater applications.

Wiresa emphasizes that with Wencon solutions, 98% of equipment incidents can be repaired, which guarantees broad coverage and reduces the obligation to have different alternatives in stock to deal with emergencies. Wencon products have a useful life of 3 years and are approved by classification societies. “They help standardize repair processes,” Costoso said. The company carried out a practical demonstration of how Wencon products are used during the meeting.

Óscar Zaba Picado, vibration and noise analysis specialist at Vulkan, explained the work carried out by the company in the early detection of this type of incident, key from the point of view of qualification and work on board. In addition, Ignacio Cuenca, Vulkan General Director, introduced the participants in the meeting to the sector to Cap. Fernando Abaroa, Deputy Director of the company.

For his part, Antonio Álvarez-Cascos, General Manager of Cascos Naval, introduced the meeting participants the latest version of Om Finland's oil moisture and particle detector, which it has been distributing exclusively on the national market since January. Álvarez-Cascos stressed the importance of the prevention and maintenance of propulsion equipment, an area in which the Om Finland solution provides differential value. “It is an early warning system that allows a possible breakdown to be stopped in good time making repair costs lower,” he informed. The head of Naval Hulls underlined the effectiveness of this system, by automatically detecting metallic remains and moisture that may be contaminating the equipment's oil, compared to specific analyses carried out on board. "This system notifies us of the main faults we have in the oil, and that if they are purified, they will return to the oil stream," he informed. Investment, which is between 50,000 and 60,000 euros, is relatively affordable compared to a serious failure cost in the engine and propulsion equipment, he stressed.

(Source: Industrias Pesqueras)