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21st to 23rd of May 2024
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Navantia signs the contract for the construction of three logistics ships for the uk by “team resolute”

Both companies visited Harland & Wolff shipyard in Belfast together with the British Ministers for Defence and for Northern Ireland

The UK Ministry of Defence has formally awarded 'Team Resolute' the Fleet Solid Support (FSS) program contract for the construction of three logistics vessels for the Royal Navy Auxiliary Fleet. “Team Resolute” is made up of the UK companies Harland & Wolff, BMT and Navantia UK, a British subsidiary of the Spanish company Navantia. The program, valued at 1,600 million pounds sterling, will provide the Royal Navy with a key capacity for its fleet provisioning, based on the BMT British design and with transfer of 'Shipyard 4.0' technology by Navantia.

The UK Defense Minister, Ben Wallace, visited Harland & Wolff shipyard in the northern Irish city of Belfast on Wednesday, where the ships will be integrated, accompaigned by the Northern Ireland Minister, Chris Heaton-Harris, and the heads of the participating companies: Ricardo Domínguez (Navantia), Sarah Kenny (BMT) and John Wood (Harland & Wolff). The construction of the blocks that will be make up the ships will be carried out at the Harland & Wolff shipyards in Belfast (Northern Ireland) and Appledore (south-west United Kingdom), as well as at the Navantia shipyard in Puerto Real (Cádiz).

“Team Resolute will develop a modern, robust and thriving shipbuilding industry in Belfast that will support shipbuilding in the future. By collaborating with Navantia, one of the world's leading builders, we want to bring their knowledge and support and ensure that this is a long-term collaboration going into the future," said Ben Wallace.

“Navantia is proud to be part of this program that recognizes our technological excellence and that will mean industrial activity, qualified jobs and prosperity for both countries. Navantia UK is the proof of our commitment to the United Kingdom”, declared the President of Navantia, Ricardo Domínguez.

The three FSS ships will be tasked with supplying solid stores and ammunition to Royal Navy ships deployed on missions. With a total length of 216 meters each– the equivalent of two football fields– they will be among the largest ships in the British fleet, behind only the “Queen Elizabeth” class aircraft carriers.

The program will involve more than 14 million hours of work in Spain and the United Kingdom. Production of the blocks will start in 2025 and the three vessels will be operational in 2032.
“Team Resolute” will contribute to the National Shipbuilding Strategy of the United Kingdom by promoting the modernization of facilities and the training of workers. The consortium will invest £77m in revitalizing UK shipbuilding infrastructure and a further £21m in knowledge and technology transfer from Navantia UK, creating one of the UK’s most advanced shipyards, critically important for future exports and national shipbuilding.