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19th to 21st of May 2026
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MAY 2026


Zamakona delivers “Inter Atlantic” life fish carrier to norwegian Intership

The ship will depart from Bilbao to Scotland and later to Canada

Zamakona shipyard has delivered the life fish carrier “Inter Atlantic” to the Norwegian shipowner Intership. She is the first of two vessels for live salmon transport the shipyard is building for the company. 2,200 m³ cargo capacity has been built from a design of NSK Ship Design. "Inter Atlantic" will depart from Bilbao Port to Scotland where it will begin its operation for a salmon producer, to be moved later to Canada.
The fish carrier "is designed with an emphasis on the handling (loading and unloading) of live fish together with their welfare on board in the cargo tanks and the general biosecurity of operations," explains Zamakona. The fish handling system is delivered by MMC First Process, and the vessel is equipped a with high-capacity freshwater production system from Peter Taboada, capable of producing 5000m³ of freshwater per day.

The salmon treatment with fresh water is currently one of the main developments to combat lice and parasites, the main threat in the farming and transport of live salmon. "Intership is leading this development of freshwater treatment, acquiring extensive operational experience in the production and freshwater treatment in recent years”, says the shipyard.

In this sense, he emphasizes this experience has been used to actively develop and improve the technology, which has resulted in a reverse osmosis system that provides "a low-cost, highly efficient and environmentally friendly method" to deal with to salmon farmers challenges. “Freshwater treatment is arguably the gentlest method used to treat salmon and therefore it is a great pleasure to welcome another new build, with our industry leading freshwater production and treatment setup,” says the Intership CEO Ole Peter Brandal.

(Source: Industrias Pesqueras)