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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


International Directories contact notice

It is very important that you read this news carefully if you have been a Navalia exhibitor

We would like to warn our exhibitors about certain companies that are contacting them through postal mail, faxes or emails offering them to include their data in an exhibitor’s directory or a company guide, such as: International Fairs Directory, FAIRGuide, Expo-Guide, Evento-Feria, Construct Data Verlag, World Business Directory, World Business Guide, etc. >It is necessary to clarify that none of them has anything to do with NAVALIA. These companies have reached our exhibitors from all over the world referring to NAVALIA and/or MUESTRALO, asking them to update their company directories. If you have participated in our fair in recent years, you may have been contacted.

If you answer a request by email, letter or fax from any of these companies to update their details, you may be tighted to an automatically renewable three-year contract for an annual fee that can reach up to €1,212, €1,177, $1,700 (USD), £980 or more. For all the above, we invite you to read the entire document carefully before answering any request and, in case of doubt, do not respond.