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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


Zamakona yards will set up a dozen offshore aquaculture pools in La Luz

Morocco will be the destination of these large structures

Zamakona yards will set up a dozen offshore aquaculture pools in Puerto de La Luz. The project of the Dutch company, which has the Gran Canaria city council support-through the Society for Economic Promotion of Gran Canaria (Specg), has as its final objective to get install these large structures in Morocco and make the Gran Canaria’s installation shipyards a leading benchmark within the sector.

The project is being developed in Gran Canaria at the investor’s stated desire focused on building the first model of an aquaculture pool. It will be a prototype to be tested and, once the results have been verified, its production will begin in chain, to produce another 10 or 12 similar ones.

Antonio Morales, during a visit to Zamakona facilities in La Luz, highlighted the prestige of this company, which occupies a preferential place in the area of ship repair, and pointed out that it is now immersed in a process of evolution aimed at implementing the model advocated by the Gran Canaria city council based on offshore wind power, the circular economy, green hydrogen and aquaculture.
"They are all extraordinary elements of progress in the new model we defend for Gran Canaria’s innovation linked to clean energy and aquaculture, which will be a strategic instrument for development in the coming years", specified the island president.

Morales stressed that the company is committed to cutting-edge, innovative projects that require large investments, and stressed that the city council is collaborating with this initiative when it comes to attract investors, given administrative and management instruments, as well as necessary channelling aid for its development. "Through Spegc, we work in coordination with investors, because projects of these characteristics would place us at the forefront of the world," asserted Morales.

Álvaro Garaygordóbil –CEO of Zamakona– thanked the city council for its co-operation with the company and, in fact, commented the Island had been chosen for this project, “because the client wanted it to be in Gran Canaria and we have managed to give him the confidence so that, with the help of the insular corporation itself and our business effort, this is where it will be built”.

As he explained, without this co-operation it would be very difficult to get the idea off the ground. "In this first model we are going to build, we need a little help from the Administration, because they are pieces worth 40 million euros," he explained. “We are talking about 6,000 or 7,000 tons of weight that we are not yet very prepared to build, and we need support,” he concluded.