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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


The Roxtec High Performance Laboratory

This is how the Swedish multinational guarantees the quality and safety of its sealing solutions

Roxtec that is specialized in sealing systems for cables and pipes, guarantees the highest quality and safety of its solutions thanks to the work carried out in the high-performance laboratory that Roxtec has in the town of Karlskrona (Sweden). The company has in these facilities the necessary equipment to carry out safe and exhaustive fire resistance tests, which allows the continuous development of approved safety products, as well as the performance of tests for specific customer requirements.

"The exhaustive tests of key elements such as sealing or fire protection have always been of great importance to Roxtec," explains the company, which values the "essential" work that is carried out in the laboratory. All the tests that are carried out in the Roxtec fire test laboratory are of an indicative nature, while the large-scale tests that allow obtaining certifications can only be carried out in approved test laboratories.

Roxtec, for example, can test according to EN 1366-3, UL 1479, ASTM E814, FTP code, IMO standard, EN 45545-3, ISO 20902-1:2018, ISO 834 (cellulose fire curve) and EN 1363-2 (hydrocarbon fire curve).

Roxtec test engineers and technicians have “extensive experience” carrying out hundreds of fire tests and designing external tests for official laboratories around the world. Technicians prepare all fire resistance tests in the laboratory, according to standards and specifications, and ensure that each object is tested as a complete system in a realistic environment.

At the same time, the fire laboratory offers a very suitable work environment with pressurized rooms and corridors to prevent the spread of dust and/or particles. It also has a state-of-the-art purification system that deals with the emissions generated in the test furnace.

(Source: Industrias Pesqueras)