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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


Vigo’s Shipbuilding Industry leader in Spain with 60% of the work

Vigo’s Bay and Marín shipyards signed for the best score of the decade with 30 boats under construction from the 57 being done in Spain. Nodosa is the factory with greatest number of orders, followed by Armón, Freire and Barreras.

Vigo’s shipbuilding industry improves its national score and, nowadays, the shipyards ‘order book represents fast 60% of the total state-wide, the best level in last decade.
The first half of the year figures published by the Ministry of Industry proof the beaten majority of the constructions are in Galicia region, with 30 ships ( 21 in Vigo and 9 in Marín) from 57 being done in Spain. Galicia is also leader in number of new orders, 7 from 16 reached and weight activity index of 33,849 CGT (57% state-wide).
Nodosa Shipyard, in Marín, owns the largest number of orders, a total of 9, most of them fishing boats. Followed by Armón with 7, Freire with6 and Barreras with 4, while the latter owns the greater contracts and more valuable with several cruises and ferries, they are trying to solve financing issues with the respective shipowners. Cardama has closed the first half of the year with three orders and is negotiating several on top.
Metalships, on their behalf, has got the lowest activity at the Bay with just one vessel, while Vulcano has stopped quantifying as they are in liquidation after delivering last month their last ship.
Over 80% of the contracts are international with vessels under construction for countries like Greenland, Kuwait, Norway, Belgium, Italy, Argentina, Sweden, Namibia, Canada, Denmark, Angola, Senegal, UK, Holland, Germany, Spain and Malvines Islands. Should we go 10 years backwards to find similar figures and, by then, two more shipyards were into play: Factoría Naval de Marín and M. Cíes from Vigo, to whom, in a few weeks Vulcano will be probably added, as their insolvency administrator is already finishing the crew contract expiration through an ERE (regulated employees dismissal).
(Source: Atlántico Diario)