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21st to 23rd of May 2024
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MAY 2024


Calvo officially awards Freire Shipyard his new tuna boat

The ship will be operating in 2020 and it will have 1,500 cubic metre of capacity

Canning group Calvo has awarded the construction of his new tuna boat to Construcciones Navales Paulino Freire (Freire Shipyard), it is a new 77 m-length ship which will come into service in 2020. To be built in Galicia and by a Galician company is also an example of our commitment with the economy and society development of the area that watched us to be born 75 years ago”, affirmed Mr Mané Calvo, Calvo’s Chief Executive Officer. Faro Newspaper moved forward these negotiations between both companies for the construction.

The new ship will have a gross weight of 1,973 GT and 3,392 kW of power, and it will be designed to fulfil “the highest energy efficiency criteria”. Building works will be extended up to 19 months, trying to be able to operate by the end of 2020. Grupo Calvo has his own fleet of 12 ships: two merchant boats, three support boats and seven tuna boats.

(Source: Faro de Vigo)