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Morocco takes on fishing agreement with the EU on 28th February

Spanish Government and the King Felipe VI have shown their unanimous support while visiting Morocco, despite including Occidental Sahara waters and from a sentence against the European Superior Justice Tribunal in 2018.

Moroccan Government will take EU fishing agreement on the last cabinet this month, the 28th February, according to governmental sources mentioned on Le360 electronic paper.

This agreement, signed on the 20thJuly and the 14th January by both parts and approved by the European Parliament on the 12th February, specifies fishing areas and European fleet access conditions on the Atlantic coast, with an increase on the finance contribution from 40 to 52.2 million euros per year.

“It is an important agreement for Morocco, for the EU, and for Spain. It means the possibility that a large number of Andalucian, Canary Islands and Galician ships come back to fish”, the Agriculture and Fishing Minister confirmed, Luis Planas, on declarations to Cadena SER at Rabat's Real Palace, a few minutes before the kings Felipe VI and Mohamed VI would sign the 11 bilateral agreements on different materials last 13th February. The fishing agreement ratification at the European Parliament means "one more opportunity to narrow bilateral relationships between Morocco and Spain", specified Mr Planas. It means the possibility of fishing in the Atlantic fishing ground for 128 boats, including 92 Spanish.
“Transversal cooperation” Spain with Morocco

This agreement signature was applauded by all Spanish minister went with the Spanish Queendom on their trip to Morocco. Fernando Grande-Marlaska, the Home Office minister did not doubt on diverting the conversation with the journalist and praise Mr Planas work, "a loved person in Morocco by the job he has reciprocally developed for years- he was a Spanish ambassador in Morocco-".

Bilateral relationships between Spain and Morocco turned off the screw and people talk about "bilateral cooperation" in all sectors, so it cannot be limited just to certain fields. Mr Grande-Marlaska defended like this "we have to worry and deal with, every minister inside their department and their scope, on trying to show cooperation is transversal".

“The agreement fully respects the international rights, that is why it has been written between the EU and Morocco, and I do not expect any difficulty regarding this issue", confessed to Cadena SER radio Station against the possibility of Police Front or International Law jurists would place a demand against TJUE (Tribunal of Justice of the UE). The Police Front advise to SER radio Station they will appeal again to this institution abided by the international law.

(Source: SER radio station)