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21st to 23rd of May 2024
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Barreras expects to build Armas ferry in Vigo together with the cruisers

The shipyard discards Navantia to do the hull and will place next March the keel of the two ships for Havila

Barreras will probably do ferry’s hull for Armas Shipowner on their facilities at Beiramar (Vigo), according to confirmation of their President, Mr José García Costas, to this paper. “Nowadays, I say yes, we are considering that possibility and there are many options”. The business owner assures they could do all ships they have in effect -the ferry, the Ritz-Carlton luxury cruise and the other two mini-cruiser for the Norwegian Havila-, although “we would have to go faster, but it is possible, we have the capacity”, he affirms.
Barreras negotiated with several foreign shipyards to do the hull of this ship of 190m-lengh, thinking about finishing it in Vigo, and with Navantia-Ferro, that looks like being offside.

“It is discarded, I would say so, points out García Costas, regretting the public company” presumes they could do the ship when it was only a talk”. On this line, trade unions have also regretted Navantia’s “irresponsibility” to let go this contract. Industrial Federation responsible from CIG Ferrol, Ramón Fernández asked “to solve differences” as it would allow Civil construction to return to Ferrol’s Bay. According to the Nationalist Head Quarters, the lack of agreement would be that Navantia claims to run the project, which Barreras would not allow. The shipyard from Vigo employs in this moment half million people between own crew (around 150 people) and auxiliary industry and foreseen to strengthen workforce.

In March, the keel for two boats for the Norwegian Havila will be placed, what means the start of the ship’s construction. We are talking about two cruisers, initially projected as ferries but finally will not take any rolling load. They will sail Norwegian fiords and the main characteristics are the fuel they will use is gas and they will have electrical batteries which will get a full silence sailing. In the case of the super luxury cruise for Ritz-Carlton, its delivery will be expected next Autumn. Until then, they will be working on interior outfit, which is absolutely confidential. 190m length and 7,500 steel tons, it is the most expensive civil boat built in Spain (€250 Million).

Apart from these four orders, Barreras aims to build another two luxury cruisers for Ritz-Carlton, as it appears on the contract clause.
The shipyard has had some space problems for several years, that is why they plan to extend their yards. It was in 2010 when they build the biggest ship, the ferry “Abel Matutes” of 193-m length for Balearia shipowner. The one they will do for Armas will be of 190-m, that together with two cruisers for Havila means a bit more than €450 Million.

(Source: Atlántico Diario)