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Chymar invests more than three million for the reform of its ships in Factories Cardama

They will be available for the next campaign

The firm from Vigo Chymar is in the process of renewing its fleet. With the final goal of building a new 71 meter trawler for the Malvinas next year, the shipowner's first step involves a strong modernization of the two Golden Chicha and Hermanos Touza vessels. The works, in which they invest more than three million, take place in Cardama Shipyard.

In the case of the Golden Chicha, Chymar has commissioned a remotorization that includes a new "more hydrodynamic" design, in which both the propeller blades (larger) and the axle change. The idea of the shipowner is to test these innovations in the own fishing ground before launching to include it in the new vessel.

As regards the Hermanos Touza, the Vigo firm has opted to win in habilitation. For this they have reduced the bridge and have included a greater number of cabins. The Vigo shipyard is working against the clock in the two works, since the objective is for the two boats to start on the 27th of February the first year of squid season in the islands of the South-West Atlantic.

"We need information to build the new boat," they said from the company. As published FARO during the latest edition of the International Fair of the Naval Industry of Vigo (Navalia), Chymar plans the construction of a freezer trawler of 71 meters in length, capacity of about 2,000 GT, power of 2,360 kilowatts and space for up to 44 crew members. It will replace the Golden Touza, sold to an Angolan shipowner and renamed Cuteta.

(Source: Faro de Vigo)