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21st to 23rd of May 2024
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MAY 2024


Balearia builds the world first catamaran high speed gas-powered world

Denia shipping will invest 90 million euros in its new vessel, which will have capacity for 1,200 passengers and 500 cars

Balearia redoubles its bet by natural gas as an alternative fuel to reduce the emissions of its fleet. The shipping company is already on the verge of chartering their two first "smart ships" that will work with this fuel, and soon will begin the remotorización of 6 of its ships.

The boat is built in shipyards Armon of Gijón.

The ship will be powered by four engines, which allows to achieve a service speed of 35 knots and a maximum speed exceeding 40 knots, and it will have autonomy for 400 nautical miles. In addition, its design incorporates the latest innovations in design to reduce its energy consumption.

Balearia will invest 90 million euros in the construction of this fast ferry, that is expected to initiate the cutting of aluminium next month of December and come into service in the summer of 2020.

(Source: Diario Información)