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19th to 21st of May 2026
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MAY 2026


The contract for corvettes with Saudi Arabia will allow Navantia to generate 6.000 jobs

1.100 will be direct employees, more than 1.800 belonging to the auxiliary companies of the group and around 3.000 to other providers.

The naval construction public group, Navantia, estimates the contract to build five corvettes for Saudi Arabia, under negotiation since 2015, will employ around 6.000 people, both direct and indirect, for five years, once signed. According to Navantia, of these, more than 1.100 will be direct employees of the company, more than 1.800 will belong to auxiliary companies and around 3.000 to other suppliers.

The President of Navantia, Esteban García Vilasánchez, has emphasized the “solid commitment” shown by the leaders of Saudi Arabia during the visit to Madrid of the Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salmán. García Vilasánchez also expressed his satisfaction with the agreement signed yesterday by Navantia and the Saudi state-owned company SAMI (Saudi Arabian Military Industries) to create a joint partnership (“joint venture”) in Saudi Arabia. This will be the supplying and inclusive society of the combat systems for the future contracts of naval programmes in that country. Furthermore, the Ministers of Defense of Spain and Saudi Arabia yesterday signed an agreement to continue joint efforts in the defence sector. Both ministers expressed their intention to complete and ease the necessary proceedings to sign the contract with Navantia for the construction of these five corvettes. “The agreement signed by both governments demonstrates that commitment and boosts the imminent signature of this contract”, has pointed García Vilasánchez. For Navantia’s President, the contract of the corvettes is strategic for the company and would consolidate its international position, specially in the Middle East. 

(Source: Cinco Días)