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21st to 23rd of May 2024
21st, 22nd & 23th
MAY 2024


Freire’s mega sailing-yacht and Nodosa’s trawler, candidates for Outstanding Vessel of the Year

Freire’s mega sailing-yacht and Nodosa’s trawler, candidates for Outstanding Vessel of the Year. Two out of three. Two vessels built in the estuaries of Vigo and Pontevedra, sailboat Bima Suci from Freire and Monteferro freezer trawler from Nodosa, have been selected by the Association of Marine and Ocean Engineers of Spain (AINE) as candidates for receiving the Outstanding Vessel of 2017 Award. They compete with the first dual tug built in Spain, Dux, from Gondán shipyard. 

The three finalist vessels have the following characteristics:

Bici Suma is the new training ship of the Indonesian Army. Designed by the Spanish engineering company Oliver Design, Bima Suci replaces KRI Dewaruci (58 metres long, already decommissioned) and has 110 metres length, 12 metres width and 6 metres draught. The vessel, with Bricbarca gear (three masts, brigantine style) spreads 3.350 metres of sail surface and serves as a naval training platform with capacity for 200 people onboard, of which 120 are cadets in training. The contract assured 346.000 work hours to the naval factory for 22-24 months, employing an average of 300 people.

Monteferro trawler, delivered by Nodosa, has 63,7 metres in-length and 12 metres of width, and incorporated the latest advances in energy efficiency, communications and navigation, crew comfort, catch volumes, freezing capacity, fishing operations’ optimisation, cruising and operational speed, and environmental friendliness. The design was conceived and developed by the technical team of the shipyard, following the recommendations and needs of the shipowner (Kalamar Limited), who gathers years of experience in the fishing grounds of Fakland Islands. The vessel is specialized in the squid catch. This was the first trawler with Galician capital ordered in Galicia in over a decade.

Dux of Astilleros Gondán, is the first dual-propulsion tug built in Europe, by Østensjø Rederi A/S shipowner. Designed by the Canadian company Robert Allan Ltd., this new escort tug, 40,2 metres long and 16 metres wide, operates for Statoil charter, in their northern edge terminal in Melkøya, under harsh weather conditions. Built to withstand the inclemency of such extreme climate, the vessel has special shapes, with a specifically designed fairing that enables the vessel to fulfil its tasks with temperatures plummeting to -20ºC  and combines the use of GNL in the most of the operations – in compliance with IMO Tier III emission standards- with the flexibility of diesel when required, ensuring its full operational capability under any circumstances.

Source: Faro de Vigo