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21st to 23rd of May 2024
21st, 22nd & 23th
MAY 2024


FITUR hosted the presentation of Balearia’s new “eco fast ferries” series

Balearia launched in Fitur exhibition the new eco fast ferries series for Ibiza – Formentera route: four newly built catamarans with innovations serving energy efficiency and passenger comfort. Eco Aqua, the first of these vessels, has already started cruising and the other units “will be operational this summer”, as stated by Balearia’s president, Adolfo Utor, who has detailed Eco Terra will start the line in March, Eco Aire in May and Eco Lux in June

The new catamarans, which will be built in Gondan Shipyards (Asturias), are 28 metres long, capacity for 350 passengers and ready to reach speeds up to 27 knots, what enables them to complete the journey in half an hour. Francina Armengol, head of the Balearic Government, and Ximo Puig, president of the Community of Valencia, were in attendance. The event was also attended by Vicent Torres, president of Island Council of Ibiza; Josep Marí Ribas, mayor in Sant Josep; Vicent Grimalt, mayor in Denia, and Josep F. Chulvi, mayor in Jávea, among others.

“Among the innovative elements of the eco fast ferries stands out the wave-piercing bow, with lateral run-off water tunnels that guarantee higher reliability and comfort under adverse sea conditions”, highlighted Adolfo Utor. In the ecoefficiency section have been incorporated latest generation engines that minimize the polluting emissions, 24 photovoltaic solar panels for the onboard services supply and a fibreglass-reinforced polyester hull, more ecological as it doesn’t require application of paint. In terms of design and construction of the vessels, many improvements have been implemented regarding the passenger’s accessibility and comfort in order to create a better travel experience. Improvements like a solarium outside covering, free wi-fi connection or space for the transport of bicycles and scooters. Furthermore, to minimize the energy footprint they use biodegradable tools and furniture in the vessels. The passengers of Ibiza-Formentera line have positively valued the first month of operations, emphasizing specially the proper functioning and comfort during the navigation.

Source: Profesionales Hoy