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21st to 23rd of May 2024
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MAY 2024


Gallician naval sector leads the best startup of the year since ‘Tax Lease’ crisis.

Record contract between Barreras and López del Pozo, CEO from Pymar, added to six ships of €93 Million value: ‘We can approach European market leadership’

Private shipyards from Vigo and Pontevedra’s bay have signed up to March for the best beginning of the year from 2011, when the old Tax lease crisis began. This crisis ended up, first of all, with the suspension of the ‘tax lease’ by Brussels and, afterwards, with a final sentence on the favor of the system. On between, a tough road, where Gallaecian naval sector got reduced its activity in more than 40%, similar levels to Ukranians, it has helped to the extinction of six factories (Unión Naval de Valencia, Factorías Juliana, MCíes, Astilleros de Sevilla, Astilleros de Huelva and Unión Naval de Barcelona), and the state of insolvency of Barreras and Factorias Vulcano. Nowadays, Gallaecian shipyards lead the sector in a national level and with the entry into force of six ships (from a total of nine in Spain, although Gernaval rise this amount to 10) for a value of €93 Million, according to details provided by PYMAR (Medium and Small Shipyard Reconversion Society), which perform yesterday in Madrid its general convention. All that without counting the more than €240 Million that will cost ultraluxury cruise Hijos de J.Barreras will build for Ritz-Carlton.

Signed orders up to March by Compensated Gross Tonnage get up to 20,000 CGT, in front of 7,212 from last year. If the total order book is calculated, the highest 111,000 CGT was a top not reached since six years ago. Spanish orders sum up 48,844 CGT with 1,33 million working hours (606,000 hours in Galicia), nearly all of them for foreign owners. In fact, the latest ships ordered within the first three months from Spanish shipowners in Gallaecian factories were fishing boats for Celexus (Pombo, in Armón Vigo) and Pesca Baqueiro (Nodosa), apart from the Zamakona’s multiproduct lighter (barge) for Suardiaz Energy Shipping.

Pymar’s Chief Executive Officer, Almudena López del Pozo, highlighted at the meeting that ‘orders amount has been multiplied nearly by four [from 54 to 208 million] and the new working hours by more than three’ compared to the same period last year and in all Spanish factories. ‘I am convinced that private shipyards and administrations will continue together at Pymar developing a shared and efficient reliable work, betting on investigation and technological innovation, we will be able to aim European leadership within ship trading.’

According to Sea Europe, the Shipyard European Organization, only Rumania and Poland have overtaken the Spanish activity rate when closing 2016, even though in the Polish case with half of the CGT. ‘The sector needs to be able to continue with the unrated official support in order to guarantee international competitiveness in equal conditions with the most direct competitors’, defended López del Pozo.

(Source: Faro de Vigo)