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21st to 23rd of May 2024
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MAY 2024


Full of contracts in the Gallaecian naval sector since the «Tax Lease» crisis

Naval sector starts to redeem from its harm after the last tax lease crisis and, for the first time, gets a full of working load within the shipyards. 

2016 has already stand for a recovery with signed contracts within most of the shipbuilders. It remained only the biggest one, Hijos de J. Barreras, who since November 2016 watched departing to Mexico the offshore vessel that built for Pemex, fight to catch some order to guarantee the activity to the hundreds of workers and auxiliary companies.
This vessel was looking for economic support from office to office for a long time. Financial sources confirmed this Thursday the situation was unblocked, and the guarantees from CESCE (Spanish CO of Export Credits) to the banks which will support the operation and that will allow to come into force after Easter Season the contract of a new cruiser for Dolce Cruise. This is the first vessel of this kind that will be built in the Vigo’s Bay and for the Shipyard, it has already started to cut sheet.

Public and private shipyards

The uncertain situation of Metalships & Docks, one of the major Gallaecian shipyards who is controlled by the Asian Chine Sonangol, has also been temporally released with the contract of a Fishing boat for Greenland and a new unity for Russia; nevertheless, this has not avoided the activation of a paid time off plan. The powerful start-up of Nodosa is considerable since the acquisition, two years ago, of the already extinguished Factoría Naval de Marín facilities.

Vulcano’s ICO Credit is really important for the company in order to continue with the construction of a Ferry for Transmediterránea and clear off the gossip of the shipyard closure. On the top of the Gallician naval industry within the private capital stay: Armón Vigo Shipyard, with four vessels signed, six in Cardama Shipyard and four in Freire, respectively.

Expectations at the public side are better. Navantia Shipyards at Ferrol´s bay have contracts signed for the construction of military vessels and Aeolic Marine components. At the same time, Navantia Fene is finishing five superstructures for the Marine Aeolic park, which the Nordish Statoil will start up in Scotland. Around June, the building of the four Jackets (offshore structure to hold the aerogenerators in the open sea) for a Siemens Parks in Denmark, and also 42 jackets for Iberdrola, will start. The Boat of Maritime Action (BAM) for the Spanish Army is being built at Navantia Ferrol, as well as some modules for oil tankers are been assembled in Puerto Real. Cargo boats, ordered by the Australian Army, will start to be constructed in June.

Industrial impact
Naval sector Galician Cluster (Aclunaga) emphasizes the upturn of the order book within the Gallician Naval sector with nearly about 30 new construction contracts in force, which means more than €1,400 Million and 8,000 employees, even though there are other sources from the sector that reduce this amount to 4,000. More significance to the Gallaecian Shipyards within the sector lobby Pymar has been requested.

(Source: La Voz de Galicia)