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21st to 23rd of May 2024
21st, 22nd & 23th
MAY 2024


Tube-Mac Piping Technologies has completed the hydraulic piping installation of the tuna freezer vessel “gevred” b-305, built by astilleros de murueta for the shipowner “compagnie française du thon oceanique” (cfto)

TUBE-MAC PIPING TECHNOLOGIES (TM) has completed the prefabrication, installation and testing of the hydraulic piping for the different fishing equipments, supplied by the French manufacturer BOPP, for the tuna freezer vessel that Astilleros de Murueta has built for the French shipowner Compagnie Française du Thon Oceanique.

After having delivered the piping for “Gevred” B-305, Tube-Mac is already working on the hydraulic piping for a second identical vessel, “Pendruc” B-306 , also in Astilleros de Murueta, for CFTO.
Astilleros de Murueta and CFTO have opted to use the non welded piping technologies engineered and made by Tube-Mac Piping Technologies. It's worth noting that PYPLOK radially swaged fittings have been extensively used.
PYPLOK fittings are based on a technology developed in the 70's for aerospace industry, which Tube-Mac has been using with excellent results in marine and Offshore industry for more than twenty years.
The hydraulic system of these vessels is designed for a working pressure of 300 bar, so a special care has been taken to achieve a "clean" installation. Tube-Mac has also carried out the pressure test and flushing of all the hydraulic systems onboard.