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Barreras celebrates the launching of the ' Reforma Pemex ' reflecting the "rebirth" of the shipyard and the fact that oil company meets its commitments

Hijos de J. Barreras shipyard welcomed the celebration of the launching of 'reform Pemex ' vessel on Tuesday, commissioned by the homonymous Mexican oil company. This event means the "rebirth" of the Vigo shipyard and proof that the multinational "meets" its commitments, according to its managers.

Once the ship was given the blessing by the matron of honor, Mrs Ana Elena Suarez, (Mr. Carlos Roa wife), she awarded Barreras a cross with a virgin to be placed in a "place of honor" on the ship bridge and then she crashed the bottle of champagne against the hull’s ship prior to descent to the waters of the Ria de Vigo.

The shipyard president, Jose Garcia Costas, who served as master of ceremonies during the event thanked the Administration and Pemex the "trust" that they have shown over the years, He also stated that this Tuesday was "a happy day" because it was the first launching made by Barreras in four years.

So, he thanked the oil company because it was "able to work shoulder to shoulder" with the Vigo shipyard which was able to reach this moment and where they are "working hard on other projects".

The corporate manager of Pemex new business alliances division, Mr. Jose Manuel Carrera, said that without the support of the president of the Xunta "this event would not have been possible" and he also devoted a few words to Vigo city for its "hospitality". In addition, he stressed that the Tuesday celebration reflects that “Pemex is faithful to its principles" and meets its agreements.

Then, Mr. Carlos Roa, coordinator of the oil company consultants, made the announcement of the commissioning of the new vessel, which later on, he told that they could start the works of cutting steel sheets during this current year. Meanwhile, regarding 'Reforma Pemex', he stated that it is expected to reach Mexico in July 2016 as result of a long process.

During Tuesday event, attented by the president of the Xunta, Mr. Alberto Nunez Feijoo, who considered an honor to witness the outcome of a long process," as it was the launching of this vessel” which supports "800 families" and of its great importance for the auxiliary naval industry.

The Galician president highlighted that the 'Reforma Pemex', which was "designed entirely" by Barreras, is one of the biggest ships built in the Vigo Ria and also stated that both Vigo and Galicia won through this great opportunity which also served to" renew trust on the Galician shipyards ". He also thanked the Mexican to bet on Galicia region when it was most needed it and for the fact meeting its commitments. Besides this, he welcomed the confirmation that there were not two but finally three vessels comissioned by Pemex for the Galician shipyards of Vigo and Ferrol.

Finally, the mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, stressed that this vessel is a test for the "know-how" of the Vigo shipyards and congratulated "all "workers on a day that they received " the best gift: A new project of a new boat."

After the launching of the ' Reforma Pemex ', equipment and setting up works will be started, which will take about 10 months out of 29 of the total execution tim . Then, it is expected that the delivery of the ship will be July 2016. This vessel , which is the first designed entirely by Barreras shipyard , has a length of 131 meters and a beam of 27 meters and will also have a dynamic positioning system with great precision to keep a fixed position at sea.

It will also contain an a heliport , two cranes with lifting capacity of 15 tons each, a telescopic offshore gangway for moving people between the ship and the rig , and a hybrid propelling system . The ship also has cabins for 608 passengers and 91 crew , changing rooms, two laundry , workshops , reception room and video conference room , lounges , offices , gym, sauna , recreation room , TV rooms , rooms cinema , sick bay with six beds , medical consultation room , examination room , kitchen and store room.

(Source: 20 Minutos)