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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


Pemex finalizes to build in Barreras twelve boats for its fleet renewal

The oil company ensures that the 22 projected vessels will be built in México and the rest would be assigned to the Vigo's shipyard. Freire and Valiña also present offers in collaboration with the three Mexican brands. Pemex , the majority shareholder of Barreras confirmed yesterday that they are studying to build twelve of the 22 vessels foreseen in its fleet renewal program in the Vigo's factory. Pemex has reserved another 10 vessels for private Mexican companies which will receive from Barreras technology according the agreement signed last Thursday with the General Manager of the semi-public company, Emilio Lozoya Austin. The 22 vessels have a 250 millions Dollars budget (around 183 millions of Euros).

Although yesterday afternoon Pemex confirmed that the 12 vessels would be built in Barreras, some time later company sources point out that the decision "still was not make"

This agreement is part of the planning to reactivate the shipbuilding in Mexico. "It is noteworthy that in the planning 22 vessels will be built coordinating with Semar; in this important initiative 10 units will be built by private national shipyards with the support of the auxiliary Mexican industry". The other 12 vessel could be built in Vigo to saturate the slipways of the Beiramar's shipyard achieving the maximum profitability. The technology transfer agreement was signed with: Talleres Navales del Golfo (Veracruz), Servicios Navales Industriales (Sinaloa), Servicios Portuarios (Baja California) y Fundiciones Rice (Sinaloa).

In the original project, Pemex foresee the creation of 1.200 direct employments in Mexico with the 22 vessels and around 9.000 un-directs. This project get the attention of other Galician shipyards, as Freire and Valiña that presented offers collaborating with the Mexican SENI, TNG and MARECSA, with the aim of win workload, over all of vessels with high technological compound as tugboats.
(Source: Faro de Vigo)