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Brussels announce the end of the European veto to the civil construction in Navantia

The 1st of January of 2015 the shipyard from Ferrol will be exempt from the limitation Navantia shipyards could begin to compete freely in the civil shipbuilding market from January next year according Joaquín Almunia. Starting on January, he said "the limitation to the civil shipbuilding will not be applied" over Navantia.
Therefore, 1 January expires officially the veto that the European Union imposed to Navantia for its last reorganization, which brought about the disappearance of the public shipyards Izar, turning into private the civil business and focusing in Navantia the military one.
During last 10 years, Navantia had limited to a 20% the turnover for civil segment business. The end of the veto could give the definitive support to Gas Natural to award Navantia its last LNG carrier about they were negotiated for several months.

So Navantia - with installations in Galicia, Murcia and Andalucía - could compete with the rest of Spanish private shipyards in shipbuilding of LNG carriers or wind marine platforms, segments in which all the Spanish industry try to enter.
(Sources: La Voz de Galicia & El Economista)