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21st to 23rd of May 2024
21st, 22nd & 23th
MAY 2024


GHENOVA intensify its activity with new projects for the international naval industry

During NAVALIA, the engineering Company made public the contracts closed in Spain, France, Holland and Brazil the first four months of the year. The first four months period of the year have finished with new contracts for GHENOVA. The company, with venue in Sevilla and offices in Ferrol, North Europe and South America, participates in the engineering of new naval projects in Spain, France, Netherlands and Brazil.
GHENOVA is working in the flotel for the shipyard Barreras, through its subsidiary I.S. Tecnor.
In France, GHENOVA develops the engineering of several vessels that will be built by the shipyard STX France. One of these projects is the new cruiser of the series Oasis, the biggest of the world nowadays.
At the same time, GHENOVA participates in the engineering of a ferry with a new design for the Brittany Ferries Company. A totally ecological vessel that will use LNG as fuel.
Furthermore, the company collaborates in the STX France division responsible for the modernization of vessels in service, cruisers and ferries, property of different European ship owners.
The joint venture of GHENOVA in Holland has also achieved new orders this year. GNE (Ghenova Netherlands Engineering B.V) will provide technical assistance in Netherlands to ship-owners and shipyards in offshore, yachts, and river cruisers projects
Several projects were hired Brazil, both of naval engineering as well as energy. Europe and South America gather nowadays most of the operations. The intensification of the activity results in an increase of its personnel. It pretends to reach the aim of its strategic plan: to turn over millions Euros and increase its staff until 700 people in 2018.