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19th to 21st of May 2026
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Atollvic and a New Zealander group become allies to repair yachts from the South Pacific

The agreement provides workload to the shipyard from Moaña with ships managed by IMG in its stays in Europe - The expedition yacht "Seawolf" is one of the last projects. The shipyard Atollvic, that belongs to the Group Vicalsa, has settled up a joint venture with the New Zealander brand Integrated Marine Group (IMG) to repair in its installations of Meira luxury yachts. The agreement provides workload to the naval factory with watercrafts that usually sail in the South Pacific. One of the last collaborations between the companies is the yacht specialized in expeditions Seawolf, 58 meters long, and n which maintenance have worked together professionals from Atollvic and IMG in Meira

IMG is a company established in 2003 dedicated to management and repair of yachts en New Zealand and that provide support to this kind of ships that sail in the Pacific Ocean. In all its years of history, this company has provided services to many vessels. With this collaboration with Atollvic what they pretend is to provide the same service at the same level in the North hemisphere.

"Working with our partners has been a very refreshing process. We have developed a new momentum and have learnt a lot from the many talented people we have met within their organisation. Our collaboration has definitely enabled us to deliver a higher standard of service to our clients," added Mark Wightman, CEO of IMG. Marco Villar, Managing Director of Atollvic says the partnership has enhanced the skills of the Spanish yard and given it new forward momentum. "Being in partnership with IMG has proven of vital importance in such a competitive industry. IMG has reshaped our attitude, refined our skills and without a shade of doubt, improved our management and accounting plans and programs. We're looking forward to a long lasting relationship."

The speciality of Atollvic is working with Custom yachts until 55 meters long. Between the vessels that they usually repair and realize maintenance in the shipyard of Moaña are the Valoria, owned by the Galician businessman, founder of Inditex, Amancio Ortega. Atollvic was born in 2006 when the company of Vigo Vicalsa, owned by Julio Gómez (Asime's president), buy Astilleros Piñeiro in Moaña, to dedicate to the repair and construction of luxury yachts.

In 2007 Vigo and Pontevedra rias built 15 yachts valued around 200 millions Euros, with Atollvic, Factoría Naval de Marín y MCíes as main references. From the three shipyards, Atollvic have maintained always its activity thanks to repairs. Nowadays Atollvic participates together with Marina Davila and Construcciones Navales P. Freire in an initiative to promote Vigo as stop and base of yachts repair.
(Source: Faro de Vigo)