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21st to 23rd of May 2024
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MAY 2024


Cardama launches one of the vessels hired by Angola

The shipyard has guaranteed workload until the end of next year. Without an official act, as the company usually does, Cardama launched yesterday the Chiloango, second of the three multipurpose vessels hired three years ago - august 2010 - by the Instituto Marítimo e Portuário de Angola.

It is a 44 meters long vessel that is conceived for multiple uses, over all as tugboat, but also it can be used for maritime safety, pollution fighting, customs surveillance...

It can accommodate 12 people crew and it has the most advanced technology for this kind of boats. The total amount of the contract with Angola was 42 millions Euros, which means 14 million per unit. The sea baptism of the third and last unit will take place in a month. Following its particular liturgy, the patroness of the boat was one of the workers of the company.


Cardama is one of the limited shipyards of the Ria de Vigo that has guaranteed its workload until the end of 2014. Last March it won a tender to build a ferry for Cape Verde, which beginning still has no date. "Terms of the naval sector are very slow compare with any other sector", said the shipyard manager, Mario Cardama.

The ferry construction which final destiny will be the regular transport between the different islands of the archipelago, will guarantee workload for at leas two hundred people during one year an a half. It will be 70 meters long and the approximate cost will be 15 millions Euros.
(Source: La Voz de Galicia)