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Metalships close the first contract for 2011 for the Vigo's naval industry

The new off-shore vessel will cost araound 100 millions euros and will employ the shipyard during 2012 "Things look good" said the company Metaships&Docks spokesperson. The steel ships department of Rodman closes the first 2011 order for the Ria de Vigo's shipyard, and it will take place after 10 months of no new operations in the sector.

The Project is, once more, an off-shore vesel destined to find oilfields ant it cost will be around 100 millions euros, acoording the comapny comité. The same source confirms that the contract, promoted by an International holding usual costumer of the group, which head in this occasion is a French ship-owner, has being negotiated for several months and they trust the solution for the financial process will be imminent.
"the contract will guarantee the 600 employments of the shipyard", explained the spokesperson of the company.
The Rodman steel department, specialized during last years in oil vessels will deliver soon an off-shore vessel that nowadays is being proved, and they are working in the keel of a second boat for the North American and Canadian consortium McDermott and Ocean Team. It is another support vessel for oil platforms closed at the beginning of 2010 in 100 millions euros. Its base will be the US Gulf. (Source: LA VOZ DE GALICIA)