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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


Armón begins to work in the first of the two tuna fishing boats that will be built in Vigo

The shipyard will bring forward the end of the month the launch of the second AHTS to clear the slipway Armón has already begun the construction in its Vigo's shipyard of first of the two tuna fishing boats that are foresee to be built in the Ría, and that will belong to a series of nine vessels hired during last year, according Union sources. The shipyard even has advanced the data for the launch of the second AHTS which is being built for the Dutch brand Heerema and clear the slipway for the works in the fishing boat. Armón Vigo is the Galician shipyard with most workload, having 2 AHTS of Heerema, an oceanographic survey ship for Mexico and 2 tuna fishing boats.

Armón Group has in its portfolio nine tuna fishing boats, two for a Vasque company and the others seven for two Mexican companies. They are 78meters long vessels and 1.500 tones, and which construction has been divided between the shipyards of Gijón, Navia and Vigo. In last case, works has already begun cutting sheet and as soon as the slipway was free they will begin with the blocks assembled. To accelerate works, Armon Vigo has bring forward the end of the month the launch of the second Heerema's AHTS hull , twin of Bylgia, launched in the last general strike, last November. This second vessel will be named Kolga.

According to Union sources, this shipyard has workload until the middle of 2015, with an average of 400 workers.

"Tax lease"

The Vigo's naval sector is waiting for the Brussels resolution of the open file for the old tax lease in June 2011, something could happen next weeks, as FARO has already announced. Shipyards maintain that whereas doubts about if they had to return subsidiaries of previous system were not solved, the new one are not going to facilitate the hiring.
(Source: Faro de Vigo)