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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


Government modifies the society tax for shipyards that have a tax lease within two months

First proposal was presented last Tuesday in Brussels and also depict part of the French system Spain presented yesterday its proposal to the Competition Commission to achieve a tax lease "free of suspicions of be am State subsidiary", according shipyards from Vigo sources. The document is a "mix" od the French system with legal modifications in the Spanish society tax. With that, one of the requirements was satisfied: the system is applicable to other sectors.

Actually it is focused on the naval sector, because just industrial products which construction takes more than one year and no mass production have recourse to the law, therefore sectors as motor or aeronautic industry were out.
After being waiting almost one year, Spain already has an alternative tax lease proposal that will allow Galician shipyards to compete on the same conditions as their European competitors.
New Framework would maintain similar benefit conditions to ship owners and it would be applied just after of several parts of the society tax. According Xunta, it could be applied in two months and it would allow shipyards to recover its competitiveness, reduced with out a tax lease that offered to their competitors a bonus system to their customers that they can not offer, which makes their product more expensive and make its costumer gaining more difficult.
Proposal details
The text was sent to the European commission on Tuesday and yesterday it was announced by the Xunta's president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, during the parliamentary control session and with the presence of naval sector workers. After, was the regional Economy Minister, Javier Guerra, who detailed the proposal that today will be discussed in a Pymar meeting in Madrid.
New system will be applied to all the products built in the State, so the argument applied by the Competition European Commission to withdraw the tax lease could be avoided. Only two requirements will be imposed. "It could applied to all non mass construction products that have more than one year construction period", explained Guerra. He assured that, as it is a Spanish regulation modification, they do not need the previous authorization of the EU to apply the new system, and they only have to wait two month, period for the EU to announce their opinion. During this period of time the Spanish Government will draw up a new Spanish Royal Order that will change the society tax law.