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21st to 23rd of May 2024
21st, 22nd & 23th
MAY 2024


Navalia will hold technical journeys about the construction of vessels for the installation of off-shore wind farms

This energy has, according to experts, a promising future especially in countries with high population density. Galician shipyards and ancillary industry has shown great leadership in this type of boats. Continuing with the parallel activities of NAVALIA 2012, the start of the International Symposium of energy efficiency E-FISHING, will join a conference dedicated to the installation of offshore wind farms, specifically to the construction of new vessels to facilitate the creation of these offshore, an area in which both Galician shipyards and auxiliary industries have demonstrated an important leadership in recent years.

Offshore wind energy has, according to experts, a promising future especially in countries with high population density. According to estimates by the European Union, this energy will account for more than two thirds of all electricity production from renewable sources by 2030, so almost 40% of the total. Because in the sea, the wind is a variable surface roughness (waves) and without any obstacles, so the wind speed barely changed. On the other hand, the latest tally released by the European Wind Energy Association, EWEA, states that wind power generation will have a healthy grow throughout this decade and will "triple in 2020, with an investment of 194 billion Euros "in the sector.

Spanish energy group Iberdrola, conscious of the great opportunities offered by this energy, already ranks as the world leader in technological development of such projects. A few weeks ago the company shows its intention to set up its first maritime offshore wind (offshore) in Germany, the Wikinger one, located on the coast of the Baltic Germanic Sea.

September promotional calendar
After the summer, NAVALIA's management team takes promotional calendar by going this week at the Offshore Europe Exhibition in Aberdeen (Scotland), an exhibition that meets annually the sector of exploration and production of oil and natural gas. In this saloon, which features the latest in products, technology and industry services, attend engineers, technicians, leaders and industry experts to participate in conference sessions. From the September 20 NAVALIA will visit the shipbuilding and navigation Neva Exhibition (St. Petersburg), the largest maritime exhibition in Russia dedicated to naval shipbuilding, energy, navigation and operation techniques, mainly.
Both exhibitions are specialized in the offshore world, where Vigo's shipyards have already demonstrated their ability to build suppliers, seismic, platforms or ships hotels for offshore platforms. For over 4 years the Vigo's Ria Shipyards has been dedicated entirely to the building vessels of this type.