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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


The Conselleria do Mar will suport NAVALIA to promote efficiency energy in fishing vessels

The portfolio directed by Rosa Quintana will strengthen its presence at the exhibition with more initiatives, on a big bet by the sector
The management team of this international exhibition has closed almost 60% of the "Instituto Ferial de Vigo" occupancy Navalia's executive committee has held this morning a working lunch attended by the "director xeral de de Competitividade e Innovación Tecnolóxica de la Xunta de Galicia, Juan Carlos Maneiro, an important exhibition bet to became the starting point offering a new vision of the fishing sector. In this sense, the congress "E-Fishing is an excellent chance to collaborate with the industrial and fishing sectors on a fundamental theme as the efficiency energy in fishing vessels is, to increase the fishing activity performance attacking to one of the factors that difficult the increase of its own activity", as Juan Carlos Maneiro explained in the meeting beginning, who emphasizes too, that the congress is the perfect framework "to show the latest Consellería do Mar proposal" as the publication of an order of specific aids equipped with 7 million for 2011, and aimed specifically at these kind of adaptations in our fishing fleet". This is the first time that Rosa Quintana's portfolio promotes this specific type of aid, of which will profit from almost 150 vessels.
During the lunch, Maneiro offers the Consellería do Mar cooperation to have a greater presence and dynamism during the next year's exhibition.

Organization team satisfaction
Meanwhile, NAVALIA's Vice-president, José García Costas, emphasizes that the exhibition hiring space order is growing healthy even the difficult times that the naval industry companies are facing worldwide. At the moment, the organization has closed almost the 60% of the IFEVI's space floor keeping the faith in having an Exhibition "bigger than in 2010"
For this, and until the end of the year, NAVALIA will be represented in 4 international exhibitions to promote the Vigo's event and will manage 5 commercial missions until 2012. In this sense, García Costas bet on that the exhibition will become "the best showcase for our products to go abroad" and in "boost our auxiliary industry, which has a high specialization degree".