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21st to 23rd of May 2024
21st, 22nd & 23th
MAY 2024


NAVALIA has sold the 70% of the floor plan with an important international participation

The Navalia's Executive Committee just celebrate the last meeting of the year with very positive results, due to organizers has achieved to sell the 70% of the floor plan within five months before its celebration. The promotion activity of the event had been very intense during the last three months. The 90% of the hiring spaces belong to foreign countries, being Holland and Norway the ones with more squared meters. The manager of Navalia, Mr. Javier Arnau, said that forecast which they are working with "are very ambitious and we expect increase the number of exhibitors in a 40%, at least, with regard Navalia's last edition" that will mean the presence of 500 companies. Arnau also emphasized "qualitative and quantitative" leap of the companies that will visit the exhibition, "because they see that in Galicia ships are build, and that companies are powerful"

The general manager of maritime sources, Mr. Pablo Fernández Asensio, and the city councillor of local negotiations Mr. Carlos López Font, on behalf of the Mayor of Vigo, absent because of his visit to Copenhagen were also in the Executive Committee lunch. Font offered "help and commitment on behalf of the city council to the Navalia's Executive Committee" and in that sense he assured that from the mayor's office "we will try, in a national and international level, that this exhibition relies on the most importance with all the institutional help, because the event will coincide with the Spanish Presidency of the EU"

International presidency and Galician lobby.
On the other hand, exhibition technicians maintain several open negotiations with other countries and entities. For example of the Cluster Naval de Uruguay, that has hired an international pavilion trough the project "Uruguay XXI", which aim is to promote its exportations. Also negotiations with Brazil are open, country that is named "The South American China" because of its economic potential. Finally the agreement with UBI France, the French naval cluster has been already closed.

Also in this subject, the manager of Navalia wanted to emphasize the success of being in Marintec in China, held only a couple of weeks ago, where the Galician naval was one of the main roles. Conscious about the importance of the Asian market for the companies, Navalia is the unique exhibition of the world that counts on a sales representative office for this market, located in the economic capital of China, Shanghai. "We want that Navalia works more like a lobby than like an exhibition in this market, to announce the Galicia naval sector and to defend its interests; because of this we are going to open another office in South America. On the other hand, and coinciding with the Marintec celebration, the Navalia's web has been translated to Chinese, a pioneer initiative, which would translate to other Asiatic languages as Japanese or Indian.

First Energy Efficiency Simpossium

Navalia's executive committee want present to the General Manager or Maritime Sources the International Congress E-FISHING 2010 about energy efficiency for fishing vessels. "The exhibition wants to collaborate with research and development in order to fishing vessels could have technology made in Galicia" explained Javier Arnau. That way the biennial event, which will be held from 18th to 20th of May 201, expects to be a forum where experts present research and development progress destined to improve the energy efficiency of the fishing vessels and systems. Until now, the organization had received near 50 research papers proceeding from international universities and technological centres. Therefore Navalia's organization asks to the General Manager of Maritime Sources the maximum collaboration in this initiative.