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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026



A couple months before its opening on the 20th of May, Navalia already has filled up the space of the on the Pavilion 1 and 2 and part f the third pavilion of the Ifevi, Vigo’s Fairground Institute This is how the Navaila event is expected to take place, as an excellent spot to meet with the new technologies and the services of the naval auxiliary industry. The results forecasted by the organization have being accomplished at a good pace and near 300 exhibitors are expected to be present t the exhibition.

During the exhibition, various parallel activities will take place, among them, technical workshops and conferences to discuss about the future and the present of the sector. There would be a series of conferences organized by the Official Naval Engineers Association, the Naval Cluster Association, and the Innovamar Foundation; among other events, it would take place the official presentation of the Spanish Technological Platform for Fishing and Aquiculture.