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21st to 23rd of May 2024
21st, 22nd & 23th
MAY 2024



The second edition of NAVALIA, INTERNATIONAL SHIPBUILDING AND MARITIME INDUSTRY EXHIBITION, will take place between the 20th and the 22nd of May. Vigo will be the venue for the International Shipbuilding and Maritime Exhibition, in which companies from 50 countries will take part The second edition of the INTERNATIONAL SHIPBUILDING AND MARITIME INDUSTRY EXHIBITION, NAVALIA 2008, which will take place at the Instituto Ferial in Vigo (IFEVI) between the 20th and the 22nd of May, was presented to the media and to the public on Monday, at the Caixanova Social Centre in Vigo. Around one hundred people attended the official presentation of the exhibition –including industry public figures and representatives of attached institutions -, which was presented by the General Manager for Industrial Promotion and the Information Society, Helena Veiguela Martínez –who was acting in representation of the Councillor for Innovation and Industry Fernando X. Blanco-.; the Mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero Álvarez, and the president and director of the exhibition, José Francisco González Viñas and Javier Díaz Arnau, respectively.

The director of the exhibition assured those gathered that “Navalia aims to serve as a tool for the promotion of the Spanish shipbuilding industry, so that it can compete in foreign markets and attract capital good investments, and so that products which are currently built abroad begin to be manufactured in Galicia”. He also pointed out that “Navalia has grown by 50% in terms of stands, with respect to the previous edition of the exhibition, which took place in 2006, which is why we aspire to become the fourth most important exhibition in Europe”.

Another of Navalia’s objectives consists of showing the business opportunities which are generated around the shipbuilding, maritime and fishing businesses, as well as overcoming the challenges that the companies and the public administrations face in the constant modernisation of capital goods, research, development and innovation, in order to become a global showcase for the shipbuilding sector.

• More stands and greater audiences than the previous edition

This second edition of the exhibition expects to receive more than 300 representatives from 50 countries, 500 national and international companies, distributed over 27,500 square metres (10% more than in 2006) and around 20,000 visitors, both from Spain and abroad. China, Argentina, Norway, Croatia, Holland, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France, England, Italy and Portugal will be some of the countries present at the exhibition.

Navalia hopes to bring together the interests of the Galician shipbuilding sector. Its plan is to take advantage of the excellent situation of the sector throughout the world: global demand excels the productive capacity of the planet’s shipyards. It aims to maintain its strategic position in the face of other competitors.


In parallel to the commercial development of the NAVALIA 2008 fair, the organisation has been working on the programme of Technical Sessions which will take place in the same venue over the three days of the exhibition. They are aimed at professionals working in this sector, and are mainly based on educational criteria related to projects and initiatives in the fields of reference of this exhibition.
In addition, a series of activities will take place, organised by the representatives in order to promote their products and innovations.