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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026



University Galician organize a technical day in Navalia event with the tarjet of show to the university community and business diverse news for the naval sector Between the subjects to speak, they emphasize the following communications:
-”dimensional Control and reverse engineer in the naval sector by means of laser 3D and Aryan photogrammetry”, D. Pedro, (Dpto Engineering Resources Naturales and Medio.ambiente Univ. Vigo).
- ”Graphical interface for visualization of parameters of systems of azimuthal propulsion” and ”Bank of test of marine motors up to 100 cv in agreement with the effective norm”, D. Jesu's Doval Gandoy (Dpto. Electronic Technology Univ. Vigo)
-”Presentation relative to the Cargo-Xpress Project”, in charge of D. Fernando Vázquez Núñez (Dpto. Engineering of Systems and Automatic Univ. Vigo).
- ”Boats with computerin side: New opportunities at the Fishing Sector ”, D. Xulio Fernandez Hermida (Dpto. Theory of the Signal and Univ Communications. Vigo).