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21st to 23rd of May 2024
21st, 22nd & 23th
MAY 2024


Xunta de Galicia reinforces its commitment to navalia through galician shipbuilding industry

The trade fair will host the Aclunaga International Summit as well as a reverse trade mission allowing companies from ten countries around the world to attend

Xunta de Galicia territorial delegate in Vigo, Ana Ortiz, confirmed this Monday to the director of Navalia, Javier Arnau, the commitment from the Galician Regional Government, through the Galician Shipbuilding Cluster Association (Aclunaga), with the trade fair celebrating its ninth edition at Ifevi from the 21st to the 23rd of May. During the meeting, the regional representative had the opportunity to learn about the latest developments of the reference event for the shipbuilding industry in Spain.

"The Regional Government, Xunta will once again be reinforcing an event that serves as a showcase to show the world the potential of the Galician shipbuilding industry which is already consolidated as the Top trade fair of its kind in Spain and in Southern Europe," said Ortiz. The delegate indicated through Aclunaga there will be an important meeting with international delegations, especially those arriving from America and the rest of Europe, as well as mentioned reverse mission, in which visits are made to shipbuilding companies and shipyards.

On the other hand, Aclunaga International Summit, which will be held on Tuesday the 21st starting at 8 pm, will feature a day of dissemination and networking between companies within the sector, in which presentations will be organized on the topics of sectoral digitalization and innovation. The invited delegates will also participate in a meeting where about 200 people will interact with the speakers.

Furthermore, towards the celebration of Navalia and as part of the internationalization shipbuilding sector plan being carried out through the Galician Institute for Economic Promotion (IGAPE), a reverse mission of companies from several countries around the world will be organized (Belgium, Bulgaria, Argentina, Uruguay, Norway, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Philippines and Indonesia). In this mission, the participation of about 10 companies from the aforementioned countries is expected, all of them countries where Aclunaga has already carried out promotional and sales actions.

Likewise, Navalia will once again have a stand from Consellería do Mar, one of the few institutions present at the trade fair since its birth in 2006, as one of the fundamental pillars of the maritime sector through fishing.