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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


The Naval Engineers Association will manage Navalia’s 2024 “Innovation Area”

This area will be intended for professionals, startups and entrepreneurs within the shipbuilding sector wishing to show their projects and innovations to companies in the sector and attract investors to carry them out

With the aim of supporting and encouraging the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the sector, the Spanish Association of Naval and Oceanic Engineering (AINE) and Navalia - the Vigo Shipbuilding Exhibition - have today reached an agreement that will allow the Spanish Association of Engineers Naval and Oceanic to manage a 200 m2 Innovation Space during the event, which will take place from 21st to 23rd May.
“We wish to encourage co-operations to promote technical and scientific innovation,” explained Diego Fernández Casado, president of the AINE, in addition to “facilitating the conditions for the success of companies and entrepreneurs that represent advances in technology in naval and maritime sector in general".
“This new Innovation Space will encourage innovation culture within the shipbuilding sector,” said Javier Arnau, director of Navalia, since “it will bring together all the regional and CME clusters, which will also be able to include their projects.”
The Innovation Area will be dedicated to all those professionals, startups, projects that are in incubators in the shipbuilding sector, as well as any other entrepreneurial initiative in this field. In this space they will be able to show their projects and innovations to companies in the sector and contact potential investors to carry them out.
How to take part of the Innovation Area?
Companies or startups that want to stay in the Innovation Area will request it from AINE. Entrepreneurs' participation will be free, and they will have a space of 9 square meters. In addition, incubator projects from the different regional maritime clusters may be added.
Award for the best initiative
Within the framework of this collaboration agreement, AINE and Navalia will establish an award for the best initiative housed in the Innovation Area, whose jury will be made up of Navalia and AINE members.
The award for the best Innovation Area initiative will be awarded at the 63rd International Congress of Naval Engineering and Maritime Industry, organized by AINE and sponsored by Navalia, which this year reinforces its commitment to the event.