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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


Vigo’s mayor, Abel Caballero, chairs Navalia’s 2024 executive committee fourth meeting

Shipbuilding sector head-hunter’s Forum was previously held
Keeping the good pace of the exhibition space promotion, the trade fair already has three Ifevi pavilions completed

La Feria Internacional de Industria Naval ha celebrado esta mañana un nuevo encuentro de trabajo al que ha asistido el alcalde de Vigo, 

The International Shipbuilding Exhibition held a new work meeting this morning, attended by Vigo’s mayor, Mr Abel Caballero, where the trade fair’s progress was reported. The ninth edition is progressing at a very good pace, it will take place on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of May 2024.
Javier Arnau, General Director, has informed committee members the trade fair already has three completed pavilions, and the fourth, the objective of this new edition, is 50% completed. In statements to the media, Mr Arnau has indicated his purpose is to fill the entire Ifevi, something that "we wish to achieve," he said, thanks to the great international demand from countries such as Norway, Canada or Argentina, which have already contacted the organization to reserve location. In addition, confirmations of nationalities such as Australia, Colombia, Cape Verde or the Netherlands.
The director of Navalia recalled one of the hallmarks of the organization is to boost shipbuilding sector and support its international promotion. Thus, in recent months the trade fair has been in several countries, highlighting markets such as Brazil, Turkey, and the Netherlands, to which the celebration of Navalia Meeting is added, that brought together over 300 professionals for three days in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. The aim was to analyse shipbuilding industry evolution and its prospects.
New proposals
Navalia organization team has also taken a step further in its dissemination actions and has organized, for the first time in Vigo, a forum related to talent and employment within the sector. During the meeting, the difficulties and needs of qualified workers for the different tasks carried out in the shipyards were explained.
For this new initiative, Navalia team has had the presence of Mercedes Pardo, director of the Spanish Maritime Institute (IME); Marcos Freire, president of the Society for the Study of Maritime Resources (Soermar), and Manuel Vázquez, president of the Galician Naval Cluster (Aclunaga).
All the speakers have agreed to point out, currently, there is a great demand for professionals the educational system is not being able to satisfy. Research carried out by the IME, it is highlighted that not enough naval engineers come out of engineering schools, a circumstance that is causing high competition between companies themselves to attract talent.
As the president of Aclunaga has confirmed, this leads to inflation in the salary costs of companies, while at the same time they also choose to hire professionals from other engineering fields (industrial, telecommunications) to fill these vacant positions, as it is happening in the shipyards.
Soermar’s President and Astilleros Freire General Director based on research carried out by their institution, recalled the shipbuilding industry is one of the sectors with the greatest labour shortage in our country and, in addition, in 2030 will suffer the retirement of 40% of the current workers.
In this same sense, the Society for the Study of Maritime Resources details that, specifically, among the most demanded profiles on the industry are naval mechanics, assemblers, naval boilermakers, draftsmen, 3D/4D designers, naval architects, and Project managers. They highlight the shortage of data analysts, computer engineers, and profiles related to artificial intelligence and the Internet.
From their side, IME is committed to carrying out dissemination campaigns among the teenagers to encourage them to choose a key sector to the economy of Galicia and Spain.