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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


Spanish Maritime and Ocean Engineers Association (Aine) delivers its annual awards

NAVALIA receives the association recognition for its support and commitment to the shipbuilding industry

Palma de Mallorca has been the venue for the 61st National Congress of Shipbuilding Engineering and Maritime Industry on these days, organized by the Association of Maritime and Oceanic Engineers of Spain (AINE), which on this occasion had been the key issue: 'The SEA. Green Impulse towards DECARBONIZATION’. Parallel to the Congress, AINE has delivered its annual awards, which on this occasion have gone to the following companies and personalities:

  • Best company or institution for maritime sector related activities: SIEMENS Digital Industries.
    • Best company or institution related to the profession: VICUS Technological Developments.
    • AINE Special Award: Dr. I. N. José María Sánchez Carrión.

In addition to these awards, the International Shipbuilding Exhibition, NAVALIA, has received recognition for its work supported by the Association of Engineers and the maritime sector.
The Congress organized by the AINE is the most important annual event that brings together shipbuilding professionals and the maritime industry in Spain. The event has hosted this year over 35 presentations and round tables in which renowned specialists have been able to debate and reflect on the current situation, the advances, challenges and challenges of the sector in areas such as technology, energy transition, renewable energies, the ‘Perte’ recently approved naval or maritime traffic, among other aspects. The best works and papers presented during the Congress have also been awarded:

  • 1st prize: Non-Intrusive Cavitation Detection System, a tool to mitigate noise in the oceans and protect marine fauna, by Publio Beltrán and Luis Antonio Piqueras.
    • 2nd prize: A digital twin for predictive maintenance development of the structure of floating wind turbines, by Julio García Espinosa.
    • 3rd prize: Virtual Buoys, system for optimizing maritime routes in real time, Fernando Cañavate Vega; Marta Carrera Calzon; Rocio Lastra Acevedo and Raul Miguel Gonzalez