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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


King Felipe VI is expected at Navalia on its inauguration sheduled for May 24

Navalia's Executive Committee held today its last working meeting before the eighth edition, with the presence of Vicente Boluda, President for Boluda Marítima Corporación and President of ANAVE, Association of Spanish Shipowners.

The International Shipbuilding Industry Exhibition will reopen its doors on May 24 and, if schedules allow, will be attended by His Majesty King Felipe VI. This was announced this morning by the President of Navalia, José García Costas, during last meeting of the fair's Executive Committee. "There are still several weeks ahead, agendas may change, but the news is the best gift we could have as His Majesty King Felipe VI consideration is very important for us" said the head of Navalia

Last meeting of the members of the Executive Committee of Navalia has had the participation of businessman Vicente Boluda businessman, President of Boluda Marítima Corporacion, and the President of the Spanish Shipowners Association (ANAVE), the Spanish National Association of Tugboats (ANARE), the Valencian Association of Entrepreneurs (AVE), the Valencian Foundation for Advanced Studies and the Valencian Shipping Association (ANV). The businessman, a great connoisseur and expert in the shipbuilding sector, explained the maritime sector "is experiencing a sweet moment". “Freight rates are good, especially the container transport of goods, the shipyards have an order book; We have been through a pandemic that has perhaps put us on the starting line of a good time for the sector, we cannot complain”, explained Boluda during his meeting with the media. Regarding the war in Ukraine effects on the sector, the businessman highlighted the problems regarding fuel increase as it represents "a very important cost item", and another additional problem: " 2 million of seafarers in the world (of vessels over 2,000 and 3,000 tons) 15% are Russians and Ukrainians” there is a lot of dependence on these two countries in the crews, now at war. "In a few months we could find many ships standing still due to the simple fact that there are no crew members", explained the President of Boluda Marítima Corporación.

In addition to taking stock of the good data presented by the trade fair before its start, the meeting has also served to introduce the Technical Conferences Program planned for the eighth edition. Navalia will once again become a point of knowledge dissemination and international news within the shipbuilding sector thanks to this program aimed at professionals within the sector, which is free for attendees.

Like every year, Navalia will have two Conference Rooms in the exhibition Hall, PUERTO DE VIGO and CEPSA. With capacity for one hundred people each, almost fifty talks, presentations and round tables will be held.

This year, for the first time, organizers also add the IFEVI AUDITORIUM, which will host events requiring a larger space, due to their characteristics: a Spanish Navy Technical Conference on Naval Systems modelling that will have 8 presentations; and Aclunaga International Summit, with four presentations on hydrogen, LNG, and unmanned ships.

Marine design, financing, electric boats, nautical tourism, breakdown analysis, welding alternatives, ships digital transformation, innovation and fishing, maritime cybersecurity, shipbuilding sector digitalization, sustainability or logistics will be the main topics in the Technical Conference Program.