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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026



Eight shipyards from the province will join this initiative from the 20th to the 22nd of May, the first NGO focused in a specific sector

How can the first naval Spanish trade fair co-operate with an NGO? That was the first question Javier Arnau, Director for Navalia, did himself when the Vigo’s Food Bank Province Foundation call him. “we did not know how we could help as trade fair. The professional characteristics of the event and its temporality (it is a biannual fair and it is not taking place this year) it was not easy to answer that “how are we going to do”. But the urge of support and knowing the sector, we know this initiative would be very well received, give us an idea” explained Arnau this morning when introducing the campaign this morning “JOIN US! CHARITY NAVAL SECTOR”, accompanied by Pedro Pereira and Iván Martínez, president and vice-president for the Vigo’s Food Bank Province Foundation, respectively.

“We are the organizers of an event that since 2006 get together all naval sector for 3 days in just one place. We think this meeting capacity was the key to take a joint charity action” pointed the fair’s director out.

The eight edition of Navalia will not take place until next year, so the organization has chosen closer to Navalia 2020 dates to perform this charity collection, from the 20th to the 22nd of May in 8 shipyards from Pontevedra province. It would be the first action where the Vigo’s Food Bank Province Foundation involve a specific sector. “For this first occasion, and with the short time we have had, we create a small campaign and we focus on the province shipyards that, a priori, aggregates a large number of workers”, explained Javier Arnau. Hereby, the shipyards joining this first sector collection:

• Aister
• Armón
• Astilleros Lagos
• Barreras
• Cardama
• Freire
• Metalships
• Nodosa

“We are sure it is going to be a success as naval sector is quite supportive”, asserted Iván Martínez. The Vice-President of the Food Bank invited all workers to participate on this food collection, involving company’s management too: “we also trust shipyards’ Directors could lend a hand as entity. We welcome all kind of support”.

Three collection days, three trade fair days

the collection will be carried out for 3 days (the same as Navalia’s days). The Vigo’s Food Bank Province Foundation volunteers will place collection bucks next 16 of May, as it is Bank Holliday and there is a weekend in between, and they will remove them next 23rd of May. The NGO reminds non-perishable food is needed and, mainly, those of first need, as milk, oil, cocoa, flour, biscuits and baby food.
As we are talking about working places carrying some risks, every shipyard has provided of a space with the less amount of disturb.