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21st to 23rd of May 2024
21st, 22nd & 23th
MAY 2024


Navalia 2018, naval strengthening and consolidation

The date, which celebrates its 12 years of work, has opened its doors this morning and reaches the first place at national level.

The International Shipbuilding Exhibition begins this morning its seventh edition surrounded by an optimistic environment and the aim of consolidate the unstoppable sector growth after escaping the crisis from years ago strengthened. Alberto Núñez Feijóo, Local Government President; Abel Caballero, Vigo’s Mayor; Irene Garrido, Finance Ministry Secretary; Francisco Botas, Abanca Chef executive officer participated at the opening act.

José García Costas, the International Shipbuilding Exhibition President, highlighted this new edition could be considered “the best” since 2006. “It is necessary to add value as 90 countries hosted in this trade fair with 600 represented trademarks, within an event which sector comes out of a period of time with more shadows than lights.” García Costas also took advantage to send a message to business owners and public administrations: “We should continue working together. We can not allow us to slow down sector’s recovery.”

Francisco Botas, Abanca Chef executive officer, point out that the bank was able to confirm the “unambiguous recovery” of the naval industry, as it takes part on 25 ships construction financing, “something unheard-of” years ago. Mr. Botas detail that Abanca has committed for this year 627€ Million in naval shipbuilding operations.
Irene Garrido, Finance Ministry secretary, proud that Navalia is held in her native city, highlighted during her speech the “adaptability capacity” of the Spanish naval industry, that “knew how to face Petrol prices fall down and searched for new market niches” as the recent cruisers segment.

Abel Caballero, Vigo’s Mayor, congratulate by his part, the event organizers for being able to keep Navalia along the worst crisis years that naval sector suffered “in an extreme way, really hard” and get up to the 7th Edition. “We are amazingly proud, we have a future ahead together”, he confirmed.

Finally, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, Local Government President referred to NAVALIA as the date witness of the Gallaecian naval sector arise” which confronts its recovery with innovation, experience and quality”. The Galicia’s government Head officer confirmed this recovery period of time is supported by very promising figures, as for example, to have closed 2017 with 29 current contracts, with a global turnover of nearly 2,000€ Million and with 14,200 working positions generated, he underlined that more than 30% of the sector’s labour volume in Spain is in Galicia. Likewise, he reminds about last three years of contracts in effect or already end within the Gallaecian shipyards group add up to 3,160€ Million, with the good performance estimation that is underpinning sector’s recovery will be kept.

After the official act, and the Pipes Band from Pontevedra performance, Authorities Committee proceed to make traditional walk thought the trade fair where this year more than 600 trademarks exhibiting and 90 countries.