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21st to 23rd of May 2024
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Only between 10 and 20% of the spanish fishing vessels have an integral Internet connection, according to Eurona

On the occasion of the seventh edition of Navalia that is celebrated these days in Vigo


Only between 10 and 20% of spanish fishing vessels have an integral connection to the network that allows the maritime management of the ship to be strengthened and to guarantee the crew the communication with their family and with the life they leave on land, according to Eurona, the Spanish multinational telecommunications company, on the occasion of the seventh edition of Navalia, the international fair of the naval industry that takes place in Vigo between the 22nd and 24th of May.

This gap in the on-board connection contrasts with the dynamism of this sector in Spain which ranks as the third largest fishing power in the European Union with a fleet composed of 9,294 ships and a total storage capacity of 339,200 tons, according to the latest data published by Eurostat.

To end this connection deficit that still affects the great majority of spanish fishing vessels, Eurona will present precisely in Navalia its "Internet on board", the broadband solution in mobility thanks to VSAT technology (Very Small Aperture Terminal), which allows access to the Internet, data transmission and voice / IP connections in a global coverage radius.

With this latest generation technology, crews can continue with their "life on land" in the high seas, despite being thousands of kilometers from it, and chat via WhatsApp, talk on Skype with their families, receive and send e-mails, enjoy entertainment services and even attend a telemedicine consultation.

And the fact is that the sea has ceased to be a closed field for Internet connections. The need to be connected 24 hours a day without limitations of space and time has prompted a revolution in the satellite market, which is currently the only technology that is immediate, viable and capable of offering connection anywhere, even in mobility.
In addition, Eurona does not start from scratch in the implementation of this technology, as it has already demonstrated its know-how when it comes to offering coverage in ferries for passengers, merchant ships, and even in vessels that carry out maritime rescue operations, putting an end to these limitations. that unfortunately still exist in the telecommunications sector. An example of this are the shipping companies Balearia and Armas, which have already had on-board Internet for months thanks to the mobility service provided by the satellite.

For Fernando Ojeda, CEO of Eurona, "this satellite broadband solution for the maritime sector is in line with the philosophy of Eurona, expert in connecting the most recondite areas and getting where others do not reach regardless of whether that connection is by land, sea or air. We understand that a European power such as Spain in the fishing sector must be up to the standard with its connectivity with a first connection that only the satellite can guarantee "

What: Eurona presents its satellite broadband Internet solution for the fishing sector in the seventh edition of Navalia
Where: FEVI -Instituto Feiral de Vigo, Avda. Do Aeropuerto 772; Stand: A47
When: May 22-24