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21st to 23rd of May 2024
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MAY 2024


Navalia 2018 bookings reach 80% of the exhibiting space

The good progress on booking of square meters at the IFEVI cheers up the organization that expects to make use of a future new pavilion.

Eleven months remaining for the 7th edition of the Vigo’s Naval International Trade fair, and handling the calendar, its organization foretells already “a great appointment”. The occupancy rate level continuous to be one of the highest by the time being, reaching the 80% of the exhibiting space. These percentages, more common of the first editions, encourage the organization to think they will make use of the future new pavilion at the IFEVI (Vigo’s Trade Fair Institute)

With these good figures on the table, the Executive Board of NAVALIA 2018 has met at lunchtime today, together with Vigo’s mayor, Abel Caballero. It needs to be mentioned this Board gather a working team of a high standard where, after last edition, all sectors and agents that directly or indirectly have to do with the Naval industry are included. New incorporations like the Swedish company SIKA and DNV from Norway have just joined the members of previous editions, apart from ASIME and the Confederation of Entrepreneurs of Pontevedra.

Javier Arnau, the trade fair Director, informed during the meeting about the important increase of the number of international exhibitors. The area planning of NAVALIA 2018 has also added Brazilian or Turkish shipyards, as well as auxiliary firms from Japan and USA, ‘what is an unambiguous signal that the Galician naval sector is up to, once again, attend orders from any market’, pointed out Mr. Arnau.

Regarding to the promotional calendar for this edition, counting on the support of institutions like Aclunaga or the Economy, Employment and Industry Department, the director of Navalia highlighted the recent presence of the event at Colombiamar (Colombia), Sea Asia (Singapore) and Nor-shipping (Oslo). On the latter, the organization have had interesting contacts with Norwegian fishing ship owners, he highlighted. It is to be add up to these actions the participation in trading missions to countries like America or Africa ‘potentially interesting markets for our industry’ he explained. Finally, Javier Arnau announce that the trade fair came into a phase focused on the professional visitor’s acquisition ‘being our main objective to attract international shipowners, both loading and passengers or fishing’. NAVALIA’s 2018 Executive Board of will join again after summer, time to give details of this task.

José García Costas, the president of Navalia has thanked, on his behalf, to the great support of the Vigo’s City Council. ‘Our event would like to contribute on each edition to position Vigo on the map, on the industrial, business and also on the touristic scope. I believe it is a work of everyone here in this city, and Galicia in general, to be known all around the world and thanking to the new air connections, the interchange of knowledge will be easier, will promote business and will make this place a compulsory visit’ declared García Costas.