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21st to 23rd of May 2024
21st, 22nd & 23th
MAY 2024


Navalia 2016 is presented as the most optimistic edition after overcoming the tax - crisis

The event, which reaches ten years of work to make the Capital of the International Naval Industry, opened this morning

The International Shipbuilding Exhibition in Vigo, opened its sixth edition in this morning an environment of optimism and hope for a sector recovered after the Tax- lease crisis.
During the opening ceremony, the Chairman of Navalia, Mr. Jose Garcia Costas, highlighted the great effort to get to the meeting point throughout these ten years of work "it has been very hard to get here, believe me." Mr. García Costas, also took the opportunity to launch a message to the naval sector: "We have been, and will remain, a priority sector for Vigo, Galicia and Spain. And I assure you that in the coming years the shipyards of our estuary still see the building of new ships, because we have the knowledge, qualified personnel and forces to continue with the task we do best: work and generate wealth for all ".
Meanwhile the Mayor of Vigo, Mr. Abel Caballero, stated that Navalia is the sign of our strength, despite the obstacles that naval industry has had to overcome in the last ten years. Mr. Caballero recalled the damage that the problem of tax-lease meant in the entire shipbuilding industry and the desolation to see our empty dockyards. But in this new era that the sector seems to live, with good prospects emerging almost daily, the Mayor of Vigo encouraged the organization, once again, to celebrate the exhibition annually.
Finally, the president of the Xunta de Galicia, Mr. Alberto Nuñez Feijoo, emphasized, during the opening ceremony, the efforts being made by the Galician naval sector in order to be renewed and become more competitive. That is "implying a progressive increase in workload". Not surprisingly, and as the president of the Xunta pointed out, the backlog from the first quarter of 2015 and the first quarter of this year, "went from 9-19 vessels," and those 19 vessels representing 32% of total currently contracts within the sector in Spain. In this sense, Feijoo stressed that Galicia is one of the communities where a greater increase in gross tonnage weight, and the workload in Galician shipyards recorded "exceeds already 2,300 billion euros".
After the official ceremony, and the intervention of the Royal Bagpipe Band of Ourense, the delegation of authorities proceeded to make the traditional tour of the exhibition attended this year by more than 500 exhibitors from 75 countries.