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21st to 23rd of May 2024
21st, 22nd & 23th
MAY 2024


The President of the Cooperative of Ship owners, Mr. Javier Touza, also announced at the exhibition the commission of six fishing ships by ship owners from Vigo

Three of them are already under construction, and the other three have already been commissioned at shipyards in Vigo. Vessels that are already being built are a longliner for the Gran Sol, the first in the world that adapts to the new discard bans; a trawler for cephalopods, whose block is already being cut, and a longliner for Maldives, which is well advanced in the Nodosa shipyards, Marin.

As for the projects, Touza told the media that two ships have been signed with a new design of inverted bow as well as a trawler to the NAFO area.
And precisely because of the conference organized by ARVI, "A commitment to the renewal of the fishing fleet. Innovation in construction of fishing vessels" the exhibition was attended by the Regional Fisheries Minister, Mrs. Rosa Quintana. The Regional Fisheries Minister opened this interesting presentation emphasizing the importance of the Galician fishing sector. Thus, he reiterated that our community is one of the most important maritime and fisheries issues in the EU, as it has over 50% of employment in Spain and 10% of the EU in this field. In relation to the operating fleet, our community has 4,438 ships that unload nearly 70% of the Spanish fresh catch and more than 11% of the EU. He stated that this fleet, more than a hundred boats are offshore and on high seas, which directly employ more than 1,500 sailors and ship owners.
Regarding institutional visits, the exhibition was also attending a delegation from Indonesia, which given the great showcase e that is Navalia for the sector, as well as the relations between Galicia and its country, pledged to attend the next edition as exhibitors.
The second day of Navalia left a greater weight for attendance of visitors, which added to the inauguration, they approached the figure of 17,000.