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21st to 23rd of May 2024
21st, 22nd & 23th
MAY 2024


The minister responsible for public Works announce in NAVALIA that she will suggest the city of Vigo to accommodate one of the infrastructures of alternative fuel

The International Exhibition of Shipbuilding Exhibition in Vigo has opened its doors this morning with the presence of a large number of professional audience and the forecast of 25.000 visitors. The fifth edition of NAVALIA have opened its doors this morning with a great opening act that count on the presence of the minister of public Works, Ana Pastor; the mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero; the regional minister of economy and industry, Francisco Conde; the corporative general manager of NGC bank, Francisco Botas, and the president of Navalia, José García Costas.
During her speech, Pastor affirmed that the exhibition is a reflection of how Spanish society is changing, both its mentality and its way of work. "The naval industry is one of the our sectors more internationalized sectors", explained, and in this sense she made reference to alternative energies, as LNG, really linked to the naval sector, because both from EU and from the Spanish Government, are working in "the maritime transport sustainability". Because all of that, the minister of public works announced that she will suggest the city of Vigo to host one of the infrastructures foreseen in our country for alternative fuel, the horizon deadline is 2030 for Spain to count on enough supplies.
Abel Caballero, Mayor of Vigo, praised the capacity of organization of the business from Vigo for carry out the five editions, taking into account that the one of 2012 was one of the most difficult, and to continue. "It is a titanic task" said Caballero, who also emphasizes the excellent work that is carried out by the University of Vigo in R+D+I subjects and that support the naval sector.
The regional minister of Economy and Industry, Francisco Conde , emphasized the importance of cooperation, between companies as well as them and Galicia's government, as the key of the recovery that the Galician naval is living. Conde underlined that NAVALIA could be the mirror of this collaboration and recovery, and he said that "with effort and work" new contracts can be closed for shipyards of our region.
Francisco Botas, Corporative general manager of NGC Banco, said during his speech that Novagalicia will continue betting for the naval sector. In this sense, Botas explained that the company was pioneer in the application of the tax lease and for because of that "we pretend to continue being the reference entity for the sector in vessels financing through this system, supporting the leadership of this sector in Galicia".
Finally José García Costas, president of Navalia, described a scene, the one we are living nowadays, "very hopeful for our companies", without forgetting the las years "with an impotant crisis, the serious blow of tax lease and the hard international competition". García Costas affirmed that the time we lived have "changed completely markets, forcing companies to adapt themselves t the new rules to our processes to survive". Non forgetting the gratitude to the Pemex arrival to Galicia, the president of Navalia affirmed that "nowadays all Galician shipyards are involved in some kind of negotiation to begin to work" and he added" and he confessed "I would like to was here, during these three days, when some contract was announced"