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21st to 23rd of May 2024
21st, 22nd & 23th
MAY 2024


500 exhibitor brands, from 75 countries, bet for the Navalia 2014 potential

The fair trade will gather 25,000 professionals from the 20th to the 22nd of May in the Exhibition Centre of Vigo. During these five editions, the International Shipbuilding Exhibition of Vigo will expend in the region more than 70 million Euros. Thanks to the work made during two years and to the unconditional support of the sector and institutions, in less than one month Navalia will be, once more time, the international capital city of the sector during three days.
After almost ten years representing the sector and supporting Galicia, the International Shipbuilding Exhibition of Vigo will open its doors from the 20th to the 22nd of May, with the presence of 500 exhibitors brands from 75 countries, and that will occupied 25,000 square meters of the Exhibition Centre. Furthermore, the internationalization take an important step in this event, over all because of the thrust of markets as México, Panamá, Norway, etc. that will be presented by the first time in this date.
This afternoon, Vigo has been the venue of the official presentation of the event, that count on the presence of Abel Caballero, Mayor of the city; Francisco Conde, Regional Minister of Economy and Industry; José García Costas, President of Navalia and Shipyard Hijos de J. Barreras; and Javier Arnau, manager of Navalia.
The biennial character of the event has allowed that during these last two years the Navalia's organizer team, headed by Javier Arnau, had made a continuous promotion that will see the fruits off their labor next month of May. The participation in more than 6 professional exhibitions all around the world and other 6 commercial trips, the date from Vigo have maintained the international promotion of its brand and the Galician naval sector, opening new markets as Colombia, Romania or Argentina.

Javier Arnau, manager of the event, emphasized during his speech the value and professionalism of the Navalia's 2014 Executive Committee. Representatives of the whole sector and all the institutions have thrown their selves into this project that has count in this occasion with new incorporations, as Navantia. The 2014 edition will be the first time in which all the Galician shipyards (private and public) will be presented at the date.
3,000 companies as visitors
During three days Vigo will be, once more time, a reference in the world market of the naval sector. México, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia and several European countries will have delegations of companies in Navalia, although Javier Arnau expect the confirmation of some more during this month. Furthermore, the organizers expect the visit of 3,000 companies.
Nevertheless such an event not only benefit to companies related with the naval sector. Arnau estimated that Navalia would had contributed to the region more than 70 million Euros during last years.
Regarding other activities, the manager of the exhibition explained other of the big aims of the fair-trade: provide knowledge and training to Galician companies. Therefore, Navalia will held a parallel congress with subjects such important and leading for the sector as: energy efficiency, the off shore sector as future of the naval, and the business growing and innovation.