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19th to 21st of May 2026
19st, 20nd & 21th
MAY 2026


NAVALIA visit Mexico to make shipyards and auxiliary industry known to PEMEX

The Mexican government elaborates a plan to reactivate the fishing fleet; they will need to build more than 200 new vessels. With just 4 moths left to being hold the European naval sector meeting in Vigo, Navalia's organizers are still working on attract main oil producers countries in the world.
From Monday to Thursday, the managing director of Navalia, Javier Arnau, will meet main sector authorities in the Mexican capital. The aim is to achieve that oil companies bet for shipyards from Vigo, explaining them that from April on their situation will be normalized and that due to the last years experience Galician shipyards are ready to face big challenges.

This information will be also given to the Marine State Secretary. Mr. Arnau will meet the Vice Admiral José Antonio Sierra, General Manager of shipbuilding, with the aim of being informed about the shipbuilding plans for next years.

On Monday morning, Navalia's board of directors met one of the main Mexican ship owners, TMM. This company built some years ago a vessel in Barreras, therefore they know the ability of Galician shipyards.

On the other side, the Government of Mexico is elaborating a plan to reactivate the construction of new fisheries vessels in 200 that recover the importance of this sector in the American country. Here it is where the Spanish auxiliary industry should have business opportunities in the not too distant future.

Wind Off Shore
Another Navalia's initiative that attract professionals attention was wind off shore. Wind energy is another field where our auxiliary industries can contribute with know how, as it is happening for example in Brazil. Navalia had been invited to participate in the next International Congress of Oil Engineers that will be held in September in the capital of the Aztec State.

Promotion in USA and Miami
This mission is part of the Galician naval sector and Navalia promotion plans. Navalia will visit Sea Trade exhibition in Miami in March and Agadir (Morocco) in April, the last one to know the construction forecast and needs of the naval Morocco sector for next years.