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21st to 23rd of May 2024

Vigo's Port Authority is going for Navalia as meeting point of all the Shipping companies that arrives in Vigo

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The entity presided by Ignacio López-Chaves reinforces its presence at Navalia through a stand that also will receive the main technical conferences of the exhibition.
Likewise he showed his total disposition to collaborate to turn Navalia into the shipping companies and ship owners meeting point that use the port of Vigo for its different activities. The Navalia's Executive Committee have met this morning during a business lunch that also count on the presence of the president of the Port Authority of Vigo, Ignacio López-Chaves.
In his intervention the President of the Port Authority of Vigo plead for a bigger involvement of the port world in the exhibition, then he confirmed his interest in participate leading the main technical conferences and seminars that take place during the event.

He also congratulates the organizers because of the format of exhibition that Navalia represents, over all in a moment when events as we know are going to change drastically.

The Navalia's manager, Javier Arnau, informed about the important role of the exhibition regarding the naval sector internationalization, thanks to the more than 15 events in which he participated abroad in 2011 (exhibitions, commercial missions, etc.)
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